Kris Pilcher

Kris Pilcher (b.1982) is an Atlanta based visual artist with a strong background in theatre and social activism. His mixed media pieces are influenced by the Dada and Surrealist movements, and the works of philosophers such as Alan Watts and Hermann Hesse. Kris has taken part in various group exhibitions as both an independent artist and a member of N.E.M. art collective. He has designed and constructed sets and props for a wide range of classic and contemporary theatre, most notably “Hamlet: the musical” with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company, and ” The Canterbury Tales” also with the ASC.

Frame only. 57cm.

Suzanne Baker

Suzanne Baker is a musician and sculptor living in Atlanta, GA. Her artwork often examines the functionality of objects and art pieces. She is fascinated by metal, light, and geometry, and uses these elements heavily in her work.
Barb was inspired by her recent infatuation with cattle herding. It is intended to be rode at sunset. Barb’s owner may also need to acquire a pair of chaps.

Frame only. 52cm.

Colleen Jordan | Belly General Store

Colleen Jordan is a designer and artist currently living in Atlanta, GA She has moved around a lot in her life, from Louisiana to Hawaii, South Carolina New Jersey and Sweden. Her work is influenced by everything she has seen and she strives to create things that make life more pleasant. In addition to her beltline installation in 2009, Colleen is well know for her wearable planters and even a planter for your bike created using a 3D printer.

Hosted by Belly General Store.

59cm. Frame only.

Andrew Rowe | The Boxcar Grocer

Andrew Rowe was born in Kingston, Jamaica, raised in Brooklyn, NY and now resides in Atlanta, Ga.

An avid cyclist, the artists’ commitment to community is frequently expressed in his participation in various charitable rides and events. His latest project Bolt -The Fastest Man Alive” is presently showing at SOPO’s Art Bikes.

A tribute to Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, this frame stays true to Rowe’s abstract style with hints of the Jamaican flag hidden throughout. With the fitting nickname ‘Lightning Bolt’, Usain is widely considered to be the fastest man ever and is an inspiration to aspiring athletes of any sport.

Hosted by The Boxcar Grocer.

47cm. Frame only.

— SOLD — Catlanta | Mother

Catlanta has been leaving handpainted wooden kittens around the streets of ATL for nearly 3 years. The artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, invites his followers via twitter and facebook to find these pieces and take them home. Catlanta first appeared as graffiti in the city, but the artist has moved to create only nondestructive removable works for everyone in the city to enjoy. He has hidden kittens in various states throughout the United States and has partnered with several local businesses and events such as Zoo Atlanta, The HIGH Museum, and the Final Four. Encouraging people to get out of their house and explore their city is the major goal behind Catlanta’s gifting of pieces. He plans to continue painting and sharing his kittens as long as there are people willing to go out and find them.

Hosted by Mother.

Frame only. 45cm.

Holly Clifton | Dulce Vegan

HMClifton is a local artisan making ADD work through a variety of outlets including oil, acrylic, mixed media, pencil, clay, and candy. HMClifton is also a figure model for other artist and the owner of Bling Pop Art, L.L.C., a designer candy jewelry company that specializes in creating jewelry replicas cast in candy as well as custom hand-crafted candies for corporate and bridal gifts. Past clients include Dara Ettinger of Manhattan and L.A. as well as too many brides to count. HMClifton takes part regularly in the Highlander Bar’s art show as well as charitable projects as time permits.

Hosted by Dulce Vegan Bakery and Cafe.

Frame only. 41cm.