Chantelle Rytter | Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Blue Coyote is a Trickster and a Creator. He can be a sage or an idiot. He is about traveling and transformation, high deeds and low pranks. He is a mischievous rogue, a lover, a glutton, a shape-shifter. He is a breaker of taboos and a creator of culture. Coyote is a wise fool. Chantelle Rytter would like to buy a beer for the patron of Blue Coyote.

Chantelle Rytter is an independent parade artist, Captain of the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons, and a guide at Bicycle Tours of Atlanta. Her parade projects are based in public participation and include the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade, The Great Atlanta Bicycle Parades, and the Grant Park Conservancy’s Halloween Lantern Parade.

Hosted by the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Atlanta’s voice for better biking.
Complete bike – 52cm frame.

Jacqueline Dougherty | Twain’s Billiards and Tap

Jacqueline Dougherty is a moving artist. She performs as a dancer, puppeteer, acrobat, and aerialist. Jacqueline is participating on a long distance collaborative project with Choreospawndance by sharing site specific experiences with her distant collaborators through a series of video and collaborative projects archived online. Creating with a variety of processes and technologies, Jacqueline is exploring new places as a cast of characters in hand crocheted masks, trash, mustaches, and roller skates. As a citizen artist she wishes to publicly share and transport people into crafted situations by happenstance.

Hosted by Twain’s Billiards and Tap.

Frame only. 48cm.

-SOLD- Kate Morales | Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party

Kate Morales is an artist and community organizer who calls both Atlanta and India home. Kate spends a lot of time growing food, bike riding, crafting, and building radical community education networks through the Atlanta Free School.

The Goods Carrier Bike was inspired by one element of the perpetual sensory chaos of India: goods carrier trucks. The culture of intricately painting trucks is inspired by truck driver pride in having the most souped up ride on the road. All the trucks display what to anyone outside truck driving culture are esoteric memes such as “horn OK please,” “use dipper at night,” or a more straight forward “good luck.” The Hindi on the bike says “meri Bharat mahan” or, “My India is great” and “Jai Hindustan” meaning “Long live India.”

Hosted by Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party.

Frame only.

SpinelessStudios | Hodgepodge Coffeehouse and Gallery

SpinelessStudios invites you to a bike ride with Atlanta’s parks. All leaves and flowers for this mache were collected in local parks and yards within atlanta (ITP). SpinelessStudios made great use of nature’s vibrancy and august’s odd autumn temperatures to bring you Go Green or Go Home. This one of a kind gem lets you cruise the town on your very own chunk of nature to assault the senses.

SpinelessStudios is a budding design studio located in Atlanta’s very own Cabbagetown. Exploding ADD Minimalism onto quality made goods that we wish to share with you! Check us out online or face to face in Cabbagetown located right above Atlanta Bike Coalition.

Hosted by Hodge Podge Coffeehouse and Gallery.

Leaf and flower maché. Frame only. 49cm.