— SOLD — Catlanta | Mother

Catlanta has been leaving handpainted wooden kittens around the streets of ATL for nearly 3 years. The artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, invites his followers via twitter and facebook to find these pieces and take them home. Catlanta first appeared as graffiti in the city, but the artist has moved to create only nondestructive removable works for everyone in the city to enjoy. He has hidden kittens in various states throughout the United States and has partnered with several local businesses and events such as Zoo Atlanta, The HIGH Museum, and the Final Four. Encouraging people to get out of their house and explore their city is the major goal behind Catlanta’s gifting of pieces. He plans to continue painting and sharing his kittens as long as there are people willing to go out and find them.

Hosted by Mother.

Frame only. 45cm.